Tanner Ashton Leslie
A Visual Designer

Holiday Marketing Reboot ︎︎︎

CLIENT: Attentive (in-house)
ROLE: Lead Designer, Webflow Developer
Each year, Attentive engages its customers with what has become an annual viral experience. Following up on our 2021 Holiday Marketing Village, which I also helped design, we capitalized on the popular 90s revival trend to excite marketers for their biggest season yet.

To do this, we crafted a 90s PC emulator environment for marketing content, arcticles, quizzes, and more, where users could open windows, drag things around, listen to a 90s music player, change the theme of their desktop, and much more. This theme extended across social, promo, video content, and supporting marketing content. Loading Holiday 2022...

Winner, Webflow Award 2022

Resume & portfolio available upon request.