A bucket list of things I dream of working/making.
Updated August, 2020.

Book  iOS Game  Exhibition  Monument  Restaurant Website  Theatrical Lighting  Coffee Packaging  Brochure for an Awards Ceremony  Art Magazine  Startup Architecture School Design Newsletter  Projection Campaign  Voter Postcards  Student Activism  Candles  Pasta Packaging  Vintage Store  Neon Sign  Hotel Wayfinding  Campground Sign   Political Campaign  Snowboard  Mural  Cosmetic Packaging  Bike Shop/Skate Shop/Ski Shop  Farmer’s Market  Holiday Gala  Album Cover  Beer Label  Outerwear Collection  Artic Expedition  Food Editorial  Analog Clock  Music Festival Branding  Olympic Logo  Subway Map  A Public Bathroom  Hardware Store Branding  Municipal City Identity  Cookware Collection  Watch  University Logo  Wrapping Paper  A Better Disposable Coffee Cup  Backpack  Face Mask  Ski Lodge Branding  Film Festival Identity  Cereal Box  Virtual “I Voted” Sticker